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Urban Inside - it is not just another boring guide.
It is a new online Berlin guidebook for Russian-speaking audience which has no analogues. We carefully select all the places that you can find on our web site and we are regular visitors in most of them.

This project was created with a passion for people who want to discover in the cities something more than the standard list of tourist attractions.


We want to share our insiders notes and helpful tips. Our main goal is to gather the most interesting and secret places of the city, spots you can never find in any other guidebooks.
Hi all

По профессии я балерина. Но я никогда не ограничивалась одним родом деятельности, у меня за спиной уже несколько успешных проектов в разных сферах. Постоянно нахожусь в поиске вдохновения.

Kori Nikkonen

Our contributors

Hi all

Стараюсь каждый момент быть здесь и сейчас, ведь никогда не знаешь, когда тот самый кадр случится.

Anja Stepanova


We are open to cooperation. If you have any suggestions please write to us.

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